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October - Week 3

Once again, little text and lots of pictures. Just the way I like it.

I declare the Halloween costume bin to be open for business!

This is the moment when Logan chose broccoli over a cookie. It will probably never happen again.

Daddy bought Logan a special gift for his sand box!

It was getting cold at night so the tomatoes had to come in. Luckily, there were two volunteers to go collect them.

This weekend saw Grandma Betty come for a short, but wonderful visit. She was introduced to the swing set and initiated into Logan's ball-bearer group. She did her job well and will be welcome back anytime to place balls at the top of the slide for Logan to immediately roll back down.

Grandma Betty even came up with a new game: Get the ball in the crate.

That Sunday we went to the McCall Pumpkin Patch in Moriarty, where I went to high school (Well, I went to school in Moriarty, but not in the pumpkin patch.). It was very windy, which made for a pretty unpleasant experience, but we managed to enjoy some of the farm.

One of my favorite spots was the bunny village. Poor little guys looked cold, but smart enough to use the buildings to block the wind.

This was a neat "Spider Web" that Logan got to crawl around in.

Then magic happened...Logan saw this cow train and off he went to catch it. Of course that meant that mom and dad had to stand in line so he could ride it. 

Sadly, he didn't enjoy the ride. He made Kyle hold his hand the whole time, and when the train passed by me, he started to cry. Kyle just took him out before they got back to the depot since he was so upset. Maybe we'll try it again next year.

We enjoyed some roasted corn, played in the corn pit and attempted the corn maze before heading home. Grandma Betty headed south to Alamogordo, and we went back to Albuquerque.



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