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October - Week 2

I'll jump through this post pretty quickly. Logan and I went to the zoo on Thursday since the weather was beautiful. I had not been to the zoo with him in some time. It was great to be there when most people were at work.

Logan loves peacocks, and this one was following him.

The first time I saw the baby giraffe, I was the tall one. That is no longer true.

I had not been here before when they had random animals out for socializing. So glad we got to see the porcupine up close.

I just loved our old lion with the fall colors around him.
That Saturday we made spiced sugar cookies. I got the recipe off of Pinterest, and they turned out ok. It was the first time I'd made cookies with Logan. He had so much fun. I can't wait to do it again.

I've got this one Mom.
On Sunday we went to the Botanical Garden's Harvest Festival. It is important to note that right as the festival starts (10am) is perfect. Hardly anyone was there, but it was getting busy when we left. Of course we started out looking at the model railway and eventually made it over to the harvest area where they pick their own apples.  The apples are used both to feed the zoo animals and to make fantastic cider.

We saw the small trains early on, but here is the big one that goes between the gardens and the zoo.

Here you can see Logan "smelling" the flowers. At this point he didn't really smell them, but rather snorted on them.

We finished our harvest trip with the children's garden, which is a super cool part of the botanical park.
Look at this huge carrot!

I can do it. Well, maybe if Dad helps me.

That afternoon we decorated our cookies. Needless to say, Logan's favorite part was testing all of the toppings.

Kyle had Monday off, so we went to toddler time at Explora!, the local science museum. We had been there only once before with Logan, but this trip showed us that it was time for a membership. He was into everything. It is great that you can go an hour early on Mondays and share the museum with just toddlers.

Enjoying some of the music class.

Spent a lot of time making bubbles.  Big bubbles.

This Bernoulli ball area is a current favorite too.

Another air experiment.

The table blows air upward through a bunch of small holes in the table.   You can modify the air flow through the holes by plugging (or unplugging) the holes with nails.

This is when we realized that it would have been good to bring an extra dry shirt.

Logan is loudly informing me that he has a pink ball and a blue ball.

That's it. That was our second week of October. So much fun in such a small amount of time.


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