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Family and Fresh Air

Logan and I went down South to see Grandma and Grandpa Neel (and Uncle Lee) for a night. The next day we hit the zoo before coming home. This little adventure gave Kyle a much needed day to himself.

On our way up to the Neel house, we picked up a bubble gun. Tons of fun for everyone.

Logan did not agree with Grandpa that it would be fun to run through the sprinklers.

Some back story:
In mid-June Logan ended up with a fever of 104. We took him to the doctor and she did a chest x-ray. He had bronchitis, early signs of pneumonia and what looked like reactive airway disease (asthma). So we missed celebrating Grandpa Keith's 70th birthday. The next weekend we were in CO for the wedding. This trip to the mountains was the first chance we had to have some cake together. Logan and I picked up a cake and lots of candles to celebrate. 

We needed a lot of candles.

Oops... put that one in upside down.

Logan chose the blue candles (his favorite color).

I thought we might set off the smoke alarms.

The next day, Logan and I were at the zoo again. It was a typical visit, but we had a few new experiences. As usual we fed the ducks. It is one of Logan's favorite activities. This time however, the peacocks wanted to have some fish food too. Logan and I literally ended up surrounded by peacocks while we were on the gazebo.

There was some typical running.

I don't recall, but this may be the last time I saw these lions before their lives ended. We will miss them.

There was a new addition to the hopping clan.

Jazmine was enjoying her waterfall!

This was the first time I have seen an elephant play in the water at the zoo.

On our way out we ran, with a little girl, through the ape exhibit. This is not new for us. We often race to the front gate when it is time to leave. However, one of the zoo animals decided to join us on our run. That was new. Clearly he/she is not afraid of anyone. He/she ran through two exhibits with us and questioned many visitors to see if they had food.

Back home to Los Alamos and a refreshed Kyle. This ends June 22nd.


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