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One busy August

Apparently I decided to make up for the lack of photos in July by taking a ton of photos in August. So getting down to business... I present the photos of the first half of August

Earlier in the summer Maren and Charlie moved into the neighborhood. Initially Logan and Maren were inseparable. Eventually Logan seemed to have some issues with that. He apparently needed some space. Through a lot of work on all sides, they seem to now be really good friends again. However, back in August it was still hit or miss. In the picture below we all took the local trolley to the library and, if memory serves me, had a great time.

One weekend there was a festival on the main park in town. I don't recall what the town was celebrating, but Kyle walked Logan over there to check it out. What a fun day it turned out to be. What a lucky little boy to go to the park and find so many bouncers.

It got even better when Jonathan, his best friend, showed up.

Time to learn how to use a cherry pitter. Assuming we have a ton of cherries in years to come I will be glad I bought it.

After seeing Logan play with the little legos at Elliott's birthday party, I decided it was time to break them out.

I sure enjoy them. Logan does too, but mommy might like them better at this stage.

Logan wanted to help Kyle mow the lawn. He lasted longer than I thought he would.

I have sadly not been keeping up with our letter of the week, but here is the craft we did for O.

Breaking out the hammer to crush graham crackers.

Logan surprised me one day when he wanted to be buried in the sand.

First day of school came and went.

This summer Logan has not been interested in getting wet outside of his tub or the warm swimming pool. Finally he had a break through. I think the fact that Maren and Jonathan were having so much fun, and that Logan could control when and how he got wet really helped. It is the first time I have seen him really love running through sprinklers.

He still wasn't too sure about all that sand on his hand afterwards.

I took Logan down for a day in Albuquerque. We tried out Hoots, with many inflatable bouncers, and then we finished up with Chuck E. Cheese's (another first).  Hoots was a lot of fun for both of us. I love that the parents can get in there too.

Chuck E. Cheese's is not how I remember it, but Logan sure loved it. We never did see the animatronics go off, but he did get to dance with the legend.



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