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June warm weather brings more fun

To start June we went to the Nature Center's story time. Enjoyed a book outside and then played inside with our friends Gianna, Owen and Julian.

I found us a new (used) toy to play with. Logan plays kitchen a lot. Especially if I'm not feeling well he will bring me food on the couch. If we have company he loves to give everyone something to eat. Originally I had it in his room, but now it is near the kitchen so we can cook together. 

This was a major project that I started in June. After having the ceiling tiles tested for asbestos (negative) I pulled them all down to discover cracks and a lovely whole in the ceiling. I pulled them all down and had some guys come put up a new ceiling (pictures to come).  Now Logan's room no longer looks like an office. 

Logan enjoying some toys out of a quiet bin.

I made colorful foam for our car table. Just whip up some soap water in a blender. So much fun. 

Next up was some balloon rocket fun. 

Logan missed painting shells at school so out came our own shells for a new colorful coat.

A final art shot. 

That brings us through June 12th.


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