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Our First Camping Trip

August arrived and we set out on our first camping trip. It wasn't just an ordinary camping trip though. It was a birthday party for Elliott, Logan's Albuquerque friend. We went up to the San Antonio campground in the Jemez Mountains (only about 45 minutes from home).

It was good that the site was so close to home since Frak got sick a few days before we left. I had to come home to give her medication. Luckily she had responded to the medication before we left so we knew she was going to be ok. It was scary for me though. She is never one to be sick. I am happy to say that ever since she has been her happy self.

Back to camping.

Full car for our adventure.

Burgers, mac-n-cheese and corn. Not too bad for our first camping dinner.

5 families came to celebrate with Elliott.

1st smores!

Super hero theme. The kids loved their capes that Bree made.

Red Light, Green Light.

The walkie talkies were a great idea.

Simon Says

A fun afternoon with Elliott, when everyone else went fishing.

Couldn't resist the many faces made here.

Nothing like simple camping pleasures... jumping off a log into Bree's arms. All the kids lined up and did it over and over again.

Figuring out how to roast that marshmallow. 

Glow wands for everyone.

Notice that Logan is not in the water with everyone else. He is never one to get too dirty. This mom is pretty grateful for that.

Giving fishing a shot.

The final day was cake and present day. Each kid decorated their own cupcake.

Time for gifts. Logan really had to learn how to be patient and wait to see the toys when Elliott was done with them. The weekend itself had been a roller coaster of emotions, but I was so proud of him managing his excitement and frustration here. 

Yay for the gift bags from Bree. Now every kid had a gift.

Winnie is the cutest, calmest puppy I have ever seen.

One last walk before we head home.

I'd like to think he was telling his buddies all about his trip.



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