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United once again

In June, Kyle and I were once again united with many of our closest friends to see two of them (Dave and Shelly) tie the knot. We ventured to a lodge north of Silverton, CO. It was in the middle of nowhere -- so remote they don't even have a phone line, which made it very hard to find them. However, it was a fabulous location for a wedding, especially for us outdoorsy folks. Our whole college crew had parts to play in the festivities.  I was in charge of making the cake.

Here's a view from the location of the ceremony, looking south toward the lodge.  Silverton is a few miles farther south.
Kyle was a groomsman and put together all of the music for the ceremony, dinner,  and reception.

Nathaniel was the photographer (though I also contributed a few unofficial shots).

Molly was the ring bearer.

Tim was the officiant.

Dave and Shelly were the happy couple.

The Shows hosted the bachelor and bachelorette party. Suzi helped everyone with various tasks: from flower decorations to helping me with the wedding cake. Asa handled the ceremony music cues.

I was so nervous about the cake.   However, no one keeled over after eating the cake, and everyone seemed happy with it. I baked everything at home, then froze it and drove it up to Colorado.  I then "assembled" the cake and cupcakes in the basement of the lodge. Because it was so cold in that basement, the various frostings did not flow well, so I had trouble piping everything, but it turned out ok in the end.

We ended up not needing this much cake. The freezing method really worked though.

 Dave approves.
Logan was asked to dance for the first time.

There was an uninvited guest at the reception.

The following are some shots taken by Nathaniel. These just prove I was there. It sure was a beautiful location.

Our family sure did light up the dance floor.

Before the sun went down (and the late night partying began), we took a stroll down by the stream. 

We are so lucky to have such amazing life-long friends.


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