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Life is a party

The next few weeks of August were also very busy. To start we headed back into the Jemez for our 2nd birthday party of the summer. It was a beautiful day at Sarah's house.

Apparently the fairies came the night before and left some special treats throughout the forest for the birthday boy and his guests. The kids had to follow some clues to seek out the next clue.

When we found the special fairy party it was discovered that cars, rings, dinosaurs and other gifts were left there for everyone. Then the best gift of all was the ice cream. Poor Logan had taken a fairly bad fall right before we reached the fairy surprise, but the ice cream helped him move on.

Then the kids took a ride on the biggest swing I have ever seen. I cannot fathom how they tied the ropes to the tree.

Kyle and Logan once again found themselves at Branden's house. Logan loves playing with her boys. Again I have to point out that Logan is staying pretty clean, unlike everyone else.


Just love my little Frak. 

I attempted to do an ocean theme for Logan. Sadly I never fully managed to pull it off. I did put a sandbox upstairs, but it never really caught on. Some called me crazy, but knowing my son, it stayed pretty clean.

When Logan and I went down to Albuquerque for Hoots and Chuck E. Cheese's, we also visited the Lego store. I bought what I wanted out of the bulk bin so that I could make Logan this scale. He really seemed to enjoy comparing different things.

Along with my attempt to do an ocean theme, we made a turtle to go upstairs. 

As with the above ideas, I saw this counting idea on Pinterest and had to give it a shot. Logan has been very much into counting all summer.

Our town is very cool. I can't believe how many things they have going on year round. All summer they have concerts at the main park by the pond. We never go because frankly it is hard to do stuff like that at Logan's age. Too many people for a boy who wants to run free. We decided to give it a shot one night. It was super hard and we didn't go again all summer, but at least we ran into a few friends while we were there. This little gem was a mini Logan and would follow him around the whole time we were there. However, once it got dark we decided to go. Logan just doesn't stay close enough for comfort.



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