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July Phone Chronicles - part 1

Apparently I did not use my camera during the first part of July. Yay for phone cameras.

Often a group of us hang out after school to let the boys run around. Here are the boys looking at some deer over the fence.

I grabbed some fabric for a small quilt for Logan. Not that it is done, but when we watch "Justin Time" it is so much fun to show Logan where each episode takes place.

Here was one of our back yard companions this year. I'm not a fan, but trying to get over my fear. 

Kyle took Logan to the Nature Center.

I have been lucky to meet wonderful moms since we moved Logan to his new school. One of those moms, Sarah, reached out to my family on the 4th and invited us up to her home to celebrate. Sarah and her family are the sweetest people. I'm so grateful to them for welcoming us into their lives.

 On one of Logan's walkabouts with Dad they met a furry buddy.

Kyle gave me a much needed break in July. I went down to Albuquerque to see friends and family for a few nights. Quilted late with my girl friends, saw my parents and did some couch shopping. It was my first major time away from Logan since he was born. It was nice to come home to a boy who missed his mommy. 

Logan and I put together a work bench that Grandpa Jay sent to us for the garage. Sweetest gift. It was the first of what I am sure will be lots of projects together. 

Spent the afternoon playing with friends at our neighbor's house. Branden is another mom who has opened up her home and invited us to be a part of their lives. Again, I am completely grateful to have found such wonderful people here.

Looks like I continued the bathroom reno. I pulled all the wallpaper backing down. I was hoping to finish, but at this point I have to stop . I discovered that our linoleum has some asbestos in it. So I need to decide if I am going to have it pulled or cover it up. Guess that will wait for next summer. 



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